Action4justice,Securitisation,seminar part 1,overviews process and explains banking injustice including frandulent banking
Banks and Financial Institutions that have been Fined To Date! 

29th May - 12pm

Are Facebook and Twitter Strangling our voices? With the new changes happening on social media, like Facebook changing our settings to only post to 25 of your favourite friends and twitter launching their new product Twitter vanish which is where a tweet will only go up for 24 hours and then will vanish. These media companies are making it harder for us to communicate as a group. Therefore, if you want to be part of our movement you will need to register Here
ACTION GROUPS specific to various banks and lenders, such as Natwest / RBS are available to join below; simply click on the Group button to join. If your lender or bank is not listed, you can ask action4justice to create a new button via the CREATE A GROUP button. This will contact our team at action4justice on our action4justice Face-book page and we will create a specific Action Group.    

May ? -?pm

May ? -?pm

Action4justice Vehicleand Finance Seminar: Looking at the pitfalls,danger of getting a bank loan form a lender when considering leasing any car,truck,van,motorccyle

May ? -?pm

Action4justice Securitisation seminar: overview process explaining, how banking,financial,lenders,deal with your details,when lending  you money and how they carry out injustice on the customer
The Action4justice Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) webinar explains in detail how to obtain your full DSAR data from your bank or lender.  Often you will receive limited information if you do not make the request correctly.  You will learn how important it is to obtain this documentation and what it all means. We will explain what to expect in your DSAR bundle and, more importantly, what to look for.  You will receive a letter template to simplify your request to the bank.
The Action4justice Vehicle Finance webinar will cover loans for personal vehicles as well as commercial vehicle loans and leases.  The recent Coronavirus lock down has had major implications regarding monthly payment of such loans.  We are aware of various offers from the finance companies to ‘restructure’ such loans.  This webinar will look at the pros and cons of restructuring and point out any adverse consequences so that you can make an informed decision which will help  to avoid any shocks later on down the line.

On-Line Webinars

On-Line Webinar - Banking

There are many complex issues affecting people around the world today ranging from of serious issues such as bad financial advice through to blatant criminal fraud perpetrated on customers by the big banks and corporations. Other wrongdoing, and often bullying, occurs which adversely affects individuals, families and groups of people alike.  Action4justice, (A4J), has identified the need for sound advice and transparency through specific webinars, to help people faced with these various issues.  On-Line Webinars – Other Webinars Subjects Initially setting out to address the mass of frauds perpetrated by banks via banking Webinar / Seminars, Action4justice quickly discovered there are many other situations where people need advice, template letters to help with applications or simply a pointer by way of information through a friendly seminar to set them on the right path to seek justice and re mediation for harm done. On-Line Webinars – Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) Guided by our followers regarding the subject matter we now invite requests for other topics. Our goal is to roll out short webinars to enlighten as many people as we can on subjects they are finding difficulty resolving. Action4justice will then create an easy to understand 30-minute on-line webinars to tackle various question about Date subject access requests. 

On-Line Webinars – Contact

Following our series of on-line webinars, you will learn various tips and techniques to help you seek restitution and satisfaction from any CORPORATION that may have done you wrong. We are keen to hear your views if you have a subject you really need help with contact us to discuss.

Webinars - Sharing Information

Action4justice, A4J, will not be offering professional or legal advice, this is for individuals to seek via their professional advisor’s.  However, we will be sharing with you our vast experiences and the various methods people have employed in order to overcome the problems.  We will be sharing information on a number of subjects that might just give you that added advantage you have been seeking. Webinars - Pricing Action4justice webinars pricing will be just £3.00 per session. Any money raised will be utilised to help people experiencing difficulties and create further webinars.  Bespoke webinars and Seminars can be arranged with subject experts, pricing by negotiation. Action4Justice Team 
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