Banks and Financial Institutions that have been Fined To Date! 
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ACTION GROUPS specific to various banks and lenders, such as Natwest / RBS are available to join below; simply click on the Group button to join. If your lender or bank is not listed, you can ask action4justice to create a new button via the CREATE A GROUP button. This will contact our team at action4justice on our action4justice Face-book page and we will create a specific Action Group.    
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Proposed roles for a banking controller

Professor Nigel Harper                     

Chartered Banker

Bangor University

Master’s Degree, MBA Banking

Former Managing Director of Finance House that I set up in St James’s in London, and highly professional and accomplished Head of Lending and Risk specialist. Chair of Arrears Committee for FTSE 100 listed bank. Loan book £3.5bn. HMRC Retail Banking Specialist. Former Council Fellow of the Chartered Banker Institute. Working with BoE, FCA, SMEA, APPG Fair Banking Committee and Thames Valley and other Police Forces as Banking Specialist. Strengths –Leadership; Retailing FS; Corporate Governance; Boardroom Governance; Audit, Financial Crime Investigations; Commercial Lending and Credit Risk Management; Arrears Management; Regulatory Compliance FCA and PRA; EU Banking Directives; Corporate Strategy and Marketing Strategy; Banking Training and Banker Examiner for Moody’s Retail Banking Academy International. Banking Expert Witness RCJ. Transparency Task Force Ambassador Interests: Politics, Rugby, Reading, Banking.
“The   criteria   that   underpins   the   banker   customers   relationship   state   that   bankers   will   act with   integrity,   morality,   honesty,   ethically,   truthfully,   trustfully,   with   openness,   transparency, justice, loyalty and respect for all customers. This binds the banker customers’ relationship”