Banks and Financial Institutions that have been Fined To Date! 
Are Facebook and Twitter Strangling our voices? With the new changes happening on social media, like Facebook changing our settings to only post to 25 of your favourite friends and twitter launching their new product Twitter vanish which is where a tweet will only go up for 24 hours and then will vanish. These media companies are making it harder for us to communicate as a group. Therefore, if you want to be part of our movement you will need to register Here
ACTION GROUPS specific to various banks and lenders, such as Natwest / RBS are available to join below; simply click on the Group button to join. If your lender or bank is not listed, you can ask action4justice to create a new button via the CREATE A GROUP button. This will contact our team at action4justice on our action4justice Face-book page and we will create a specific Action Group.    
You have probably landed on this page because at some time, past or present, you have been a victim of bank fraud, miss selling or wrongdoing on the part of a bank.   Specifically, this area of Action4justice (A4J) is for anyone who has suffered unfair banking, wrongdoing or plain and simple fraud at the hands of Lloyds Bank. Invariably things go wrong in business and banking is no exception.  Sometimes mistakes occur, other times a customer may be deliberately misled, misinformed or simply defrauded of their money. Whatever the reason, the bank has a duty of care towards its customers to investigate any such problems and rectify matters within a reasonable time frame. 

Our groups’ collective losses now run into hundreds of £millions causing severe consequences for

the victims and their families.  

Increasingly, Action4justice is learning that very many customers have lost their money, businesses and even homes at the hands of banking mistakes, unscrupulous bankers and outright fraud. Lloyds bank is no exception and we currently represent some 120+ Lloyds bank customers who have lost businesses, homes and fortunes yet have had no redress, compensation or fair treatment. Following repossessions and financial hardship they have been left with no avenue of redress or ability to get fair treatment via the courts. Making a Stand Many victims have been fighting Lloyds Bank for many years and their fight is still ongoing. The website offers a common meeting place for a community of victims specific to a named bank.  Victims specific to other banks also come together on similar group pages to form a powerful community of victims with similar issues. The website team then exchanges information between the groups forming one large community of like- minded people who simply seek justice for the wrongdoing done to them.  As the groups grow in numbers the collective power of combined groups is beginning to affect the way the banks respond. An individual victim remains powerless against the big corporate banks but a collective of groups with hundreds of members poses a formidable challenge to force the big banks to do the right thing. Do you need people to support you? Contact us Today Action4Justice Team

A4J Lloyds Victim’s Page

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