Are Facebook and Twitter Strangling our voices? With the new changes happening on social media, like Facebook changing our settings to only post to 25 of your favourite friends and twitter launching their new product Twitter vanish which is where a tweet will only go up for 24 hours and then will vanish. These media companies are making it harder for us to communicate as a group. Therefore, if you want to be part of our movement you will need to register Here
ACTION GROUPS specific to various banks and lenders, such as Natwest / RBS are available to join below; simply click on the Group button to join. If your lender or bank is not listed, you can ask action4justice to create a new button via the CREATE A GROUP button. This will contact our team at action4justice on our action4justice Face-book page and we will create a specific Action Group.    

Mission Statement

The (A4J) team is made up of volunteers who freely and willingly give up their time and resources in an effort to get restitution for the many victims of systemic banking fraud and wrongdoing. All action4justice (A4J) team members strive for transparency in all aspects of their work whilst maintaining confidentiality whenever appropriate. Our mission is simple: to seek fair restitution which is commensurate with the hardship, suffering and mental anguish of the victims of banking fraud.  A4J advice and website use is free; all we we ask for in return is, should you receive  a payment, you give consideration to a donation to the cause so that we can continue to help other unfortunate victims in a similar situation to yours: You will, from experience, know  exactly how that feels and the need for support through the difficult times.

Pledging to the Mission

By pledging a small portion of any settlement you may receive through the help of the A4J team, you will be helping to continue righting the past wrongs of the banks whilst, at the same time, helping A4J ensure history does not repeat itself and protect the next generation, perhaps your children, from similar suffering and hardship. Pledging A Gift The A4J team does not specify any monetary amount for a gift pledge, rather, we rely on the integrity and generosity of the individual.  As a guide we would like a consideration of a donation up to 5% of the amount of settlement won.  We feel this is a fair amount to help others and not an unreasonable ask. Don’t forget, this would not only attract Gift Aid to boost your generous donation but also attracts tax deductible status as a charitable donation.  We are continuing the fight for you and the next generation of bank users. Regards The Action4Justice Team.
Banks and Financial Institutions that have been Fined To Date!